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3105 West Godman Avenue
Muncie, Indiana 47304
765 748 5369
I have been manufacturing Lift Brackets since May of 2011. Over the years there have been many styles introduced by us as well as other vendors. The most popular has always been what was called the 1.25 lift. Referring to the 1.25 inch it raised the rear fender up at the center line of the wheel. These raised the rear muffler tips about 1.5 inches. 
Early on of 2017 it was found with the changes HD made to the TG exhaust, the 1.25 lifts were not going to fit consistently. Working with a 2017 owner, we came up with a lift a little lower and called it a 1-2 lift. It lifted the rear muffler tips about 1.25 inches. At that time I also added another nut welded to lift to give the option of installing the bottom of shock a little towards the rear. Some testers found mounting this way gave a little softer ride. One of those things that some like, others can not tell any change. I just wanted to give the end users the option. So there were three options of lifts, this is not good for manufacturing or the end user needing to decide what would or would not fit.
I now make the Adjustable Lift Brackets. This combines all the mounting and shock locations of all the lifts I made into one . These are powder coat finished in a nice red illusion. (Testers Report
Install Instructions
Adjustable Lift Brackets / Fit all years of TGs XXX and Free Wheelers
100% Precision CNC Machined in Muncie, Indiana
$130 Per Pair including USPS Priority Mail Shipping
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Tour Box Lift / Relocate Rails
After making and installing my first sets of Lift Brackets, I still found the rear of tour box low, including the tail/marker lights. I also wanted to move tour box back to give the passenger a little more room. I designed a set of aluminum rails to fit under the tour box which both levels it out and allows you to reinstall at 3 locations rearward. 1 inch, 1.5 inch or 2 inches. These are Black anodized rails and come with all stainless hardware needed to install. No drilling or tapping of holes needed.                                             Install Instructions
2011 TGs One on Right has Lift Brackets and Tour Box Lift / Relocate Rails
2014 TGs One on Left has Lift Brackets and Tour Box Lift / Relocate Rails
FITMENT Notice for Tour Box Rails
Two Different Rails for Different Years of TGs
2009 thru 2013 Rails
2014 and Newer
3105 West Godman Avenue
Muncie, Indiana 47304
765 748 5369

2017 TGs with Pro Action Shocks mounted with Adjustable Lifts in the #1 position
2009 thru 2013 / Fit 09 - 13 TGs WILL NOT FIT 2014 and newer TGs
100% Precision CNC Machined in Muncie, Indiana
$125 Per Pair Includes USPS Priority Shipping
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2014 and Newer / Fit 2014 and newer TGs WILL NOT FIT 09 thru 13 TGs
100% Precision CNC Machined in Muncie, Indiana
$125 Per Pair Includes USPS Priority Shipping
Fit ONLY 2009 to 2013 TGs and XXX
-The ClutchWiz*-
If you pull your derby cover and do not have 6 bolt spring retainer the CW will not work 
(2014 & Newer TGs)

The ClutchWiz* is designed to replace the stock Harley clutch ring retainer with a light weight, high strength aircraft aluminum alloy featuring an advanced fulcrum and spring locking device which will reduce the clutch pull lever resistance on 2009 -2013 factory Tri-Glides and all Softail and Dyna models.  You will be amazed when using the ClutchWIZ* and will never want to give it up. It is also a bike modification you can take with you if/when you trade at a future date. No more paying for special modifications that must be left with the bike. Just be sure to save your stock retainer ring. This is a fantastic product for those who would simply enjoy a lighter clutch lever pull.

The average clutch lever resistance is about 16 pounds, more for heavier bikes. The ClutchWIZ* will reduce the lever resistance to an average 10 pounds in most cases and in some bikes even less (your experience may vary slightly). This is very useful for those with limited wrist/hand strength to pull and/or hold a clutch while shifting or in heavy traffic. The ClutchWIZ* may be used with both cable and hydraulic clutches. 

The advanced fulcrum of the ClutchWIZ* is placed to the inner finger area of the clutch spring thus giving you a better leverage point. The finger locking device will not allow you to install the ClutchWIZ* incorrectly and will hold the spring during the installation process. It will only go in one way, the right way. You should adjust your clutch to factory specifications after installing the ClutchWIZ*.   

Warranty: The ClutchWIZ* is warranted against defect in product integrity and workmanship for 1 year. Simply contact us for a return authorization and ship it back for a full replacement. See below for you speed lovers.

For you racers and speed lovers or those with aftermarket racing clutch systems. The ClutchWIZ* is not a racing product. It will assist you with an easier pull if you have a racing clutch and spring. The use of the ClutchWIZ* on a racing clutch product voids all warranties associated with the ClutchWIZ*, and the use is at your own risk.

Lessen the Pull of Clutch Lever
ClutchWIZ* Installation Guide
(Average installation time is 15 minutes)
-The ClutchWiz* is not a racing product-

 Figure 1                                                Figure 2

1. Remove your Primary Derby Cover to expose the stock retainer. (Figure 1)
2. Remove the 6 - 10mm bolts holding the stock retainer. (Figure 2)

​Figure 3                                                   Figure 4

3. Insert the ClutchWiz so each spring finger locks into place. (Figure 3) 
The ClutchWiz* will only install one way, the right way. If all bolt holes don't line up, the spring fingers are not locked.
Figure 3 is the back side view of the clutch spring, do not remove your clutch spring.
4. Tighten, using a star pattern, the 6 - 10mm bolts to 100-110 in lbs or 8 ft lbs. (Figure 4)
4. Adjust your clutch (BEST WAY)
5. Install your Primary Derby Cover and enjoy.

ClutchWIZTM 09 / 13 Tri Glides, 98 and newer Softail and Dyna  
                                                                   ​                           $130
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NOTE: Production color of Lift Brackets are RED. Blue set was a prototype set of Lift Brackets to test fitment.
RED Brackets
I Have Decided to RETIRE When parts are gone, they are GONE

Days and Parts left are few. I plan to shut down web-site at the end of January. If you are planning on ordering parts, now is the time.
10 Sets Left
5 Sets Left