Lift Your SAGGING Rear
Order both Lift Brackets and Tour Box Rails / SAVE money and TG is level
Improved Look from A More Level Stance
of Tri-Glide
Lower Shock Mount Shown
This Set Painted Blue for Clarity
Lift those Muffler Tips With Simple Replacement of Lower Shock Mount
designed with Homestead
New bracket will raise center of rear fender approximately 1.25 inches and bottom of mufflers at rear 1.625 inches.
Order the Lift Brackets and Tour Box Rails together / SAVE money and TG is level
Brackets are precision cut on a water jet for perfect alignment of mounting holes. 3/8 inch steel, same thickness as OEM bracket is used and shock nut is TIG welded to bracket. Brackets are powder coat finished in black to match original bracket.
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REAR LIFT / 1.25 inch Shock Brackets
Greatly Improves the Ride Quality 
Handling of Your Tri Glide
Why 1.25 inch Shock and 7/16 inch Rear Tour Box Lift?

I  started looking at how a Tri-Glide sat low in rear while reading a forum on Internet. Jerry Leonard out of North Carolina had flame cut some replacement shock brackets for his trike. Looking at pictures of his trike, I liked the new look of it being level. 

Having experience with designing and cutting parts on a water jet machine, I saw this was a perfect part to use with this type of technology. Speaking with Jerry I learned he had ran both 1.5 and 1.25 inch lifts. I drew new designs for a 1, 1.25 and 1.5 inch lift and cut test sets. I found location of shock mount was critical and adjusted design. I have ran all three sizes on my personal 2011 Tri-Glide.

I found the 1 inch brackets not worth the time to install. Thinking more is better, I installed the 1.5 inch set. I found the look was very appealing, trike looked like one would think it should look and tested it for 3000 miles. What I found was low speed handling was improved, sitting position seemed more comfortable and overall appearance of trike was more pleasing. The down side was at highway speeds, I found the steering much more sensitive to rider input. Even after 3000 miles I felt uncomfortable with steering, not unsafe, but thought it was too much lift.

I then installed the 1.25 inch lift, thinking that with only .25 inch less lift it would not make allot of difference. I was proved wrong. This size lift, I feel, was the perfect compromise in both appearance and handling of the Tri-Glide. Ride felt softer and it goes through curves like it is on rails. 

The  Trike with a 1.25 inch lift still leaves the Tour Box and its lights sitting a little low in rear. I found that a lift at rear of box finished off the leveling of trike for appearance. I also wanted the ability to move Tour Box back for more passenger room. I found that the box could be moved up to two inches without any wiring modifications. After three test fittings of rails, I found the 1 inch wide aluminum rails both fit the application and kept material at a reasonable cost.  I believe the overall design, fit and finish of these rails along with the reasonable cost, makes raising both the trike and Tour Box affordable.

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Innovative Parts for Your Tri Glide
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Stock 2011 T Glide / 50 PSI in Shocks   /
1.25 Lift Kit / Tour box lift / 30 PSI in Shocks