Designed for HD Tri Glides
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I had looked for "wing" type fork deflectors that would follow the angle of Tri-Glide forks as well as clear the lower faring at full turn to no avail.
I began working with Randy Emter who markets this type deflector for Street Glides. Street Glide Wind Deflectors Working together and using my Tri-Glide as a test vehicle, I designed a new fork "wing" deflector especially for the Tri-Glide and Randy and I are now marketing these in  Powder Coat finish only.
I also have a lower fork tree baffle which cuts air from under faring that comes up and over tank. The wind deflectors are meant to be used together and are sold as a set. 

My Test Results: Below 45 MPH, Under fork baffle cuts air coming over tank area from under front faring.
45 to 65 MPH, Fork "wing" deflectors come into play. With the lower tree baffle blocking under faring air, "wing" baffles start eliminating the wind buffeting in riders chest / face area.
Above 65 MPH. This is where both, working together, remove most of the chest / face buffeting we experience on these trikes. 
These baffles will be most appreciated after those long days on the highway. Also riders who ride in cooler / cold climates during the year. The fork "wings"  are designed to still allow adjustable vent on front faring to fully operate.  
Production Fork Wing Deflectors are available in Black Wrinkle Powder Coat. All metal on lower tree baffles are powder coated in silver vain or Black Wrinkle.
 Lower Lexan Baffle
Just wanted everyone to know how my testing went. I had the stock baffle and the stock wing deflectors modified to fit a Tri-Glide. Both were effective in knocking down buffeting. I've since been able to test Dennis' baffle and deflectors. Both have top shelf fit and finish!!! Compared to modified stock HD stuff, there was improvement. Dennis' baffle and deflector work best together. Huge improvement over nothing at all!!!! The reduction in air coming over the tank was amazing. I've used fork deflectors on a few bikes and Dennis' work very well! Again, fit and finish are exemplary. Good job Dennis!

Steve / California
Dennis, I have installed the tree baffle, chromed wings and lift brackets on 2011 Triglide.  Went on forty mile ride @ 37 degrees, was very pleased with my ride.  Your baffles did a good job restricting air flow over the fuel tank.  I then added the Tour-Pak spacer, rode 110 miles @ different speeds and again was very, very  pleased with my ride.  These items are "GREAT" and a MUST HAVE for a trike.  Installation time a little over two hours, and they are made to fit like OEM, wonder what HD people will think.  Can't wait to go to my dealership, because I have mentioned their needs for improvements.  I have made two polycarbonate baffles (trial & error) that helped restrict air flow over the fuel tank, but LUCKY to have found your web site. Thanks so much and will keep in touch. Oh, my trike looks GREAT!   Rich.

And yes, I know I need to clean bike up!
As you know the TG has a much deeper rake than other models,this causes more buffeting. These are two products I am using to correct this situation. I don't like buffeting,makes my eyeballs shake and tires me out on a long ride.At speed the radio gets fuzzy and hearing which we need riding becomes greatly reduced.

The first product is the front fork baffle, designed and sold by Dennis Swan at Dennis originally added a spacer to the existing HD baffle. It helped but not as much as his new wider 2" model. This model really reduces buffeting wind noise etc. It is a simple two bolt on accessory that will lower buffeting,make your radio clearer at speed and cut down on on tiredness on a long ride.

Now for the WINGS. If they didn't work at all I would probably buy them just for looks. I have the powdercoat model and they look great on the trike. What the wings do is force the air down and out of the cockpit. I live in the Rio Grande Valley in winter and do a lot of warm or hot weather riding. There is a lot of windy hot days and wings limit the turbulence a great deal. On a cold night I can get warm air on my feet and legs by adjusting the vents in the lowers to let it in. My wife likes this feature also.

I have found my radio is clearer,hearing is improved and am not as tired on a long ride. I have not ridden in the rain as yet but I can only say these items should make that more palatable.

As with the other products designs and manufactures these items are certainly worth a closer look.

T K 

 Well Dennis, It appears you have another hit with these baffles to go along with your other Tglide stuff! I must say, after many miles in the last coupla days, these deflectors and the baffle have made me very happy with the better cold weather ridin' tempatures. Once again..good job and thank you!!! Worth every cent!!! 
Black Wrinkle Powder Coat
Lower Tree Baffle
The part is two piece, a metal bracket that attaches to lower fork tree and lexan extensions for more wind protection.

In combination with the fork wings:

Test show that running these above setups, there is no temperature rise in engine. Some have experienced a "felt" heat rise. Our test show that this combination should be ran with full lowers on bike and all vents closed.

You will find that this lets the radiated heat from motor, at speed, flow away from rider. If you open the adjustable vents on lowers, you will find the radiant heat from engine will come up onto rider, a good thing for cool temperatures, say in the morning and evening, not good during the heat mid-day.  

These are designed to provide a "pocket" of calmer air around the riders which they do. They will not block cross winds or the very turbulent air experienced when you ride around larger vehicles at speed, my van is affected by those.

I feel you will enjoy these on those long days of riding, less wind buffeting results in less fatigue at end of day.

If you ride your T Glide year round in cooler / cold temperatures, these are a must have. If your do allot of traveling, you will also benefit from these. If you only use your T Glide for short pleasure riding, you may not find these effective and your money may be better spent on other things.